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Nico Nico Kadokawa 2016 Commemoration, E-book Special Project -- Trend News x KADOKAWA - New Reading Project "Future of Reading". The 3rd Guest is Hashimoto Ai-san.  Hashimoto-san, who starred in the film Birthday Card which was recently released last October 22, 2016, is a book-lover. Through films, through readings, what kind of outlook does such Hashimoto-san have for the future?

The Picture Book "Swimmy"brings me to the world of nostalgia

Ever since her debut, Hashimoto Ai-san is continuing her activities as a "Film Actress".  Her boldness and beauty is exceptionally showing its presence within the huge screens of Films. Such Hashimoto-san seems to love reading as it brings her to a world She doesn't know of.  In the film Birthday Card that was released last October 22, a scene where she read a Picture Book with her Mother appeared, but what kind of book did actually appear in her own memory then?

"I have a memory that I liked to read books on my own. I especially liked "Swimmy" ( by the American Picture Book Writer Leo Lionni. A story about a small, black fish, Swimmy, among his red-colored brothers who learns to stand on his own.  The Japanese Title translated by Tanikawa Shuntaro as "Swimmy:  The Story of a Small Clever Fish") . Sometimes when I remember Swimmy , there are times when It makes me feel a little bit nostalgic (laughs). "

Nowadays, she reads book of various genres.

"When I'm on the move or when I have a free time, I would read a lot of books.  I also like entertainment but lately, I like the casual little stories from those surrounding me that lives  a normal everyday life. Works that demonstrates the gap of a quiet life. Because from there, I would feel various things."

[Nowadays, she reads book of various genres.]

A line I wanted to say the most

In the film Birthday Card, Hashimoto plays Noriko who lost her Mother at the age of 10. Every year, Noriko receives a birthday card from her Mother until she reaches the age of 20. It is a work depicting the growth of Noriko.

"Before we entered filming, the director said 'I  want to carefully do the mainstream. I want to make a Mother-Daughter Film.'  The me back then felt 'I want to carry it through,  I want to accomplish this.' "

Is there a decisive point when you are choosing your project?

" 'I want to say these written dialogues!', when you read a script, wouldn't one feel that? Encountering such a work is the happiest thing.  Because the role I'm playing is basically a daughter, It is important to think ' I like this girl', ' this girl is cute', and the likes.  In a scene from Birthday Card where the daughter requests from her father 'pat my head' , that dialogue was the one I wanted to say the most (laughs).  Because I really love dialogues written towards a family, this was the point in regards to the work this time. "

I trace the path of acting from a map

For her recent trend of readings, Her "I love dialogues for family" may have lead to " I like casual small stories from my surroundings". Well then, what is a Movie Script for such Hashimoto-san?

"As I thought, the script is the map for my acting and it is the thing I rely on the most. But in the case of original works,  the respect for the original work is very important so it is necessary to read. Because the script was extracted from the original work, if you read it then you would know what was taken. But in thinking about my performance, the script is the most important.  Although the character's emotions are depicted in the original work, but when you advance in the script, the reverse emotion of what was written in the original are also necessary.  In that sense, how those emotions could be accommodated in a 2-hours long video Is prioritized. "

Hashimoto Ai's "Unknown World" and "Future of Reading'

Holding a respect for the original work, she firmly thinks about the video works of a film in her calming stance. The figure of such a girl will also be projected in Birthday Card, right?

" But, I think this includes the significance of showing a new aspect as this is a role I haven't done before. This should not only be me, but also on the side of the director and staffs. In addition to this, if I think that a script is interesting and meaningful and felt 'I want to become a part of this work' then I would feel that way regardless of the image everyone in the world has against me. "

With that said, Hashimoto-san expressed these things toward reading a book.

"Although my scope of interest is limited, but i really love reading books. A life without reading books and only completely contained in your own thoughts is boring, that is just my opinion. I want to see and know a lot of things outside my own thoughts ."

That desire may be boundlessly connected to the future of the Actress Hashimoto Ai.

( Coverate Text / Nagata Yoshinori )

Source: Trend News



-  It is a serious work based on true story, did you portray your role with consciousness this time?

Because my role Kanami is a sunshine-like woman, without being too heavy and without forgetting smiles in the middle of many serious scenes, I was able to play her with a positive feeling on the surface.

- What kind of feelings did you have while portraying her in the middle of the filming?

Because Kanami's actions are always done with the thought of Yosuke, I played her without forgetting the existence of Yosuke and with the feelings that I always want to be able to smile for his sake.

- Shida-san has appeared in a lot of works in your long career in this industry, but the work this time has become your first challenge on Pure Love Story Film, right?

As I've always wanted to try love-related things, being able to challenge it this time has been truly a pleasure.

[

- Please let us hear your actual thoughts on being able to act on this role.

People that wholeheartedly carry on, it's amazing! I realized this once again through this work.

Also, because the director would carefully explain to me before performing the scenes to be filmed and before he cuts the clapperboard to shout 'yo-i' and 'start!', he would tell me ' think of Yosuke', I think I was able to smoothly play the Kanami who thinks of Yosuke wholeheartedly.

- Please tell us a scene that left you the most impact.

The scene where Kanami and Yosuke were practicing juggling together was fun.

There wasn't much dialogue decided, it adlib and filmed with the figure of two person practicing together. It was different from other scenes, I sincerely enjoyed it. (Laughs)

- I was allowed to see the work, I thought Shida-san is really tood no matter which role you enters.

I don't completely get into my roles.

In addition to acting, I do not make any move without considering the set-up, so I also have my own consciousness as I act.

- Was there any troublesome thing that occured in the middle of filming this work?

The filming days this time was only 10 days, there wasn't much time so it was really tight.

Filming a whole film in just 10 days is short, everyday, I battled against the sun.

For this short amount of time, I firmly switched with consciousness.

In the first-half of the film, Kanami was naive and earnestly bright, a sunshine-like child but on the latter half, her thoughts on Yosuke raised and even knew of his illness. The serious scenes also increased. But the filming does not really occur from my head and because the filming itself was scattered about, I thought I could not properly switch my emotions.

- Are you the type that is able to immediately switch her emotions?

It was not necessary to immediately switch my emotions, entering the field with my costume, repeating the the tests with the actor playing my opposite, with that the feelings gradually increases.

- The juggling that has been shown off in the film, it seems like it was a struggle to learn. How was it?

It was a really difficult thing.

For about a month, I learned it from a teacher. Compared to looking at it on the side, doing it actually on your own was harder than I imagined. The teacher did it easily and nicely, even with two balls thrown in orbit while waiting for the other, It was hard. And it is even greater of a hurdle when it comes to three balls.

- in the end, you were able to throw three balls, right?

I took the juggling balls home and desperately practiced everyday.

It took time for me to be able to do it. (Laughs)

- Change of topic, the common point between you and your role this time,  Kanami, would be?

I think it's having the will, being straightforward and going in full swing.

- Well then, what about the difference?

Whichever painful circumstances it is, Kanami would go towards Yosuke. No matter what bounces back to her from Yosuke, it becomes her will power and she would go to him. I think I'm not that strong.

- How do you feel about each of your co-stars, Ryusei Ryo-san and Araki Yuko-san?

This became the third time I work with Ryusei-kun. The first time I heard that Ryusei-kun will play my opposite , there was a sense of relief. Be it for his role or his usual self, he is a passionate guy (laughs). For the work this time, whichever scene it is, he would greatly and immediately hit my momentum, I played while desperately feeling that I might not be able to respond to them.

Araki-san is really beautiful and refreshing, it was really fun having Araki-san on the site, there was such impression. While she plays the supportive friend of Kanami in the film, she also brightens up the atmosphere on the site, that's why I think her presence became a support for both of us.

- Well then, what kind of people would you like to see this film?

Whichever generation it is , I would like them to see this. For those who have their loved ones, I think it has become a film that could make one realize that their current situation is not an ordinary thing.

- And then which points are to be noted?

Personally, I want them to focus on the juggling scenes!

I want them to see Kanami's continuous growth through her juggling.

- There will be more talks on the film from here. Lastly, please leave a message to the readers.

It became a work that is based on a true story, it is very painful story but it's a heartwarming work. By all means, please come and watch with your loved ones.

Source: Keio-J.com
[ Shida Mirai ] No matter how many times She got lost in continuing as an actress, she did not quit.

A 23 years old who has been working as a Talented Actress for 17 years in her Entertainment Career.  She does her job while cherishing and remembering her original intentions.

"When I was an elementary school kid, I only received roles with one dialogues through auditions, I still remember the feelings of that time, that's why I do my best whichever role it is."

She portrays the role of Mori Yuka, Ohno Tsubasa (Tsuchiya Tao) 's Senior, in the movie Aozora Yell (Director Takahiro Miki)  to be released on the 20th.

The original work of the same title by Kawahara Kazune-san sold a total of 3.4 million copies. Aozora Yell centers on Tsubasa, a girl who saw an inspirational brass band performance at the finals of the Japanese high school baseball championships one summer. Tsubasa vows to join the band when she enters high school, and she happens to meet a certain boy who has a similar goal which both of them are striving for. She exchanges promise with Yamada Daisuke (Takeuchi Ryoma) of the Baseball Team "To cheer for the struggling Daisuke to be able to stand at Koshien Stadium".

"Dressed in a uniform after a long time, I remembered the feeling of being a High School Student. From the moment when I first met Tsuchiya-san, she entirely became Tsubasa. She's straightforward and her eyes were dazzling."

After watching, everyone would feel, "Youth is nice, isn't it?~"

She entered a Children's Theater Company as suggested by her mother at the age of 6.

"If I appear on TV, I'll become memorable once I become big." It was that sort of light-hearted feelings.. I was 7 years old when I first starred on something, but I don't really have any memories of it. I realized then that this has been a work that I've been doing.."

[I don't really feel that I'm doing any special job.]

At the age of 12, she had her first regular appearance at a TV Drama Series called Queen's Classroom (NTV) and knew the joy of performing. The theme of the drama revolves around Amami Yuki's role of an authoritarian teacher confronted by her brave sixth-graders students.

"Creating one thing with everyone for 3 to 4 months, it was hard as it was my first time to play the same role as everyone else, but at the same time there was a sense of accomplishment.  During those days, my mother always told me: "This isn't a game. This is work.", and because of this I desperately practiced my dialogues at home.

As an adult, whether to continue on the path as an actress, there were occasions where she got lost many times.

"When I turned into a Junior High, when I enrolled into High School, and at the time of our High School Graduation, I couldn't make up my decision on whether to quit or continue this job. but in the end, I did not quit. I love acting and I thought about what else could I do after I quit, but I feel like there isn't anything else."

On her first starring drama 14-sai no Haha (NTV) , she won the Hashida Newcomer Award at the young age of 13 for her high quality and powerful performance. When acting, it is said that that kind of peaceful exists from within.

"Of course, there is also the emotional part.  Because there is a lot of other things we have to think of , such as their circumstances,  I couldn't get that."

Calm and cool,  but looking at it, there's also a large influence of her "Shyness". And even in filming, she keeps her self-control and maintains a distance from her co-stars.

"I have the awareness that the people I meet at work are my "co-workers" . In particular, I end up being noisy with the people of the same generation as I at the site, because of that the feeling that this is a work fades, so I've become careful.

Though she is still young, she's surprisingly professional. Probably because she's been working in a harsh world from an early age. However, the person itself states that, "I don't really feel that I'm doing any special job."

" I normally ride the train. I occasionally reward mself, I eat delicious foods or travel, because I like to save money. After that, I would go to Karaoke alone. I love Karaoke. At that time, I would sing the popular songs. Because my voice becomes refined as I continue to sing, I would sing for about 2 hours."

There is a thing she wishes to come true at her 20s.

"I want to get married. Because my parents got married in their 20s.  Because I love my Family, I want to have that kind of home."

Anyway, she's an actress with a strong grip on herself.

Source: Zakzak JP


-- How was it to star in the film Utsukushii Hito

"Because the location for filming this time is a road I have walked a long time ago or a place I frequently go to, I was left with a very nostalgic feeling, it felt a bit strange."

-- All the other casts members are also natives of Kumamoto.

"The strangest thing is the dialect.  When I go back home and speak with my family and friends, the Kumamoto dialect comes out naturally. But for filming this time, there was a scene with Ishida Eri-san  ( portrays Touko's Mom ). When we were doing an adlib for it, I ended up using the standard dialect. At that time, I thought that (the dialect) was quite hard to pull out and it was something I do consciously."

Source: [Asahi Shinbun]
14 May 2016 @ 12:34 am
Author: Tsuchiya Tao
Time: 23:53:57

Good Evening (^^)
It rained today,
so it was a bit chill in Tokyo.
How have you been?
The rain in Kyushu, I wonder if it's alright there..
Hearing that school resumes made me feel a bit relieved,
someone wrote on the comments about various situations,
many things have not been resolved yet,
such as shelter and reconstruction activities,
and so it must be very difficult wih the rain.
Please take care m(_ _)m

I'm really happy that many commented on the new CM of "New Sokenbicha".
Really, really, really
Thank you so much m(_ _)m

One by one, I was allowed to engage and read.
That's why, even though I have not read all of them yet,
I read them while moving and it's really fun (^^)

There's also a considerable amount of time to sleep during the move,
but I fall asleep while reading,
the comments I have read even appear in my dream,
somehow it's fun (^^)

Does everyone have that kind of encounter as well?
When I read a mail before going to bed,
I'm able to meet the friend who sent one in my dream.
This time, it was Ohno Ito-chan who came out.
Even though it was a pleasant dream,
but I want to meet in reality (^^)

Today, I was able to live in the world of Aozora Yell!!
For me too,
For Tsubasa too,
For this work, Aozora Yell, too
Today's the birthday of a very important senior,
Shida Mirai-san (*^^*)

A birthday,
in a year, only happens once.
To be able to meet Mirai-san in that important day,
and celebrate her birthday,
I'm really glad..!!!

What kind of celebration it was,
Since there is not much time to write today,
I will write slowly about it next time (*^^*)

This photo was taken today.
It is the sky from today's location!
A weather meant for baseball, it has been a supportive weather!

I wonder why the sky in the stadium is this moving...!?!
Excited or sad,
it is a sky that will be engraved in one's heart just by looking.
I think it has that amazing power.

But then this can also cause sunburn,
and apart from sunburn, just by looking at it directly,
it makes it hard to open the eyes the next day.
To everyone who cooperated with us today,
is everything well? no sunburn?

From here on, we will still need the cooperation and feelings of many people
in order to create the world of Aozora Yell.
We will be in your care m(_ _)m

There might be thunderstorm tomorrow,
I heard from the forecast.
I think a rain is very troublesome when commuting,
or even at the time of attending school,
so as to not get soaked,
so as to not get cold,
please try to bring spare socks (^^)
Have a nice day (*^-^*)

Source: Tao's Ameblo

A certain room in the apartment. In a Japanese-styled room that nobody lives, sometimes it could be heard, sounds such as rubbing of the tatami… Triggered by the letter that reached "I" who publishes horror novels,  Zan'e~  Sundewa Ikenai Heya~ , A film that dates back to the interlocking chains of "foulness (Unclean = Unholy),  is finally going to be released on January 30, 2016.

Written by: Hime, Photo: Watanabe Issei

[Read More...]

"(I was) drawn into the development of the script." were words aligned at the mouth of the two, Hashimoto Ai and Sakaguchi Kentaro, who co-starred for the first time. If you think you have arrived at the truth , you have to go and dig further into one deep dimension, such is the bottomless pit structure of the script.  Famous for the work  "Golden Slumber" including "Snow White Murder Case", this time it is another live action of a mystery novel by the well-known Director Nakamura Yoshihiro.

Hashimoto Ai plays as a college student "Kubo-san" who led the protagonist, novelist "I", to the psychic phenomenon investigation.  Including the morning drama "Amachan", and movies such as "Kirishima~Bukattsu Yamerutte Yo", "Kiseijuu", she has starred in countless of films despite being merely 20 years old. A girl sought after by the film industry for her heartfelt performances, what the work this time wants us to pay attention to is the "tranquility". Without being upset over the shocking psychic phenomenon,  the audience are daringly led quietly to uneasiness by unfazed things.

"Actually in the script, nothing came out for directing the character of Kubo-san in a scene. I heard from the director that my role 'was considerably toned down', and although I don't know the real intention for it, I think that is what the production is aiming for. What I was most conscious of was to not display too much personality. I thought in order to promote a piece of the story, I'm being sought out as the 'driver' so I put my heart and soul in creating those images. On what must be done in order for the situation to become scarier, while exploring every single delicate 'interval' with the director, the timing would be adjusted for a unit of 0.1 seconds. Because by really assessing the slight 'interval', the scariness simply changes. There were a lot of exchanges at the site aimed towards that kind of precise effect."  (Hashimoto)

On the other hand, playing as the hardcore psychic mania  Misawa is Sakaguchi Kentaro, when he knew of his character this time,  he commented " Because I have not played such a proactive, filled with curiosity type of role until now, I was surprised." . Instead of his hit handsome high school student roles in his two recent works "Heroine Shikakku" and "Ore Monogatari!!", this time he will play as a psychic mania, that kind of quirky man.

"I may have been commonly stereotyped in that image, isn't it? But whether high school students see it or not, the power of the absolute item called school uniform is big (laughs).  I'm not good with horrors,  I have never once thought of "I like spirits!" like the Misawa-kun this time. That's why, I initially don't know that kind of feeling and they only started from my imaginations. To rejoice in meeting spirits, if you simply think about it, this guy is a little bit strange for a person's everyday life or even for spirits.  While there is nothing so special about it,  I modestly played out his 'strangeness' so as to not alienate him within the work."   (Sakaguchi)

Next to admiration, the end-to-end of the scenes printed in one's mind, the unexpected moments are remembered,  a work that will have cold and chill run down your spine. For Sakaguchi who is weak towards ghosts, "During the filming period, I become more sensitive than usual. Even at home, casual sounds would surprise me. ", he said with a bitter smile. On the contrary, Hashimoto showed off a cool expression, "Because I have zero experience with spirits, I'm completely fine. When I get home, I would forget everything at the filming site. This is because while shooting, I do my best in creating images, so I couldn't even afford to pay attention to the presence of spirits. (laughs)".

Incidentally during the filming, the set's wall clock suddenly fell, that kind of happening occurred. The whole site froze for a moment. "Although I think it was just a coincidence (laughs). And after that though the director said, "while editing, various things were found…",  I actually wondered what should be done. By all means, please check at the theater (laughs). " (Sakaguchi)

Source: [x]
01 February 2016 @ 12:41 am

The unexplained sound carries an invisible fear

[Read More!]

Unintentionally shut her eyes to the completed work?!

Q: First, please tell us your impressions from watching the finished work. As for Takeuchi-san It seems like you did not watch until the end at first...

Takeuchi Yuko: I shut my eyes throughout and have only heard of the sounds. (laughs)

Hashimoto Ai: I made sure to watch until the end.  Since I'm originally okay with horror films.

Takeuchi: How strong (laughs). All I could do is to check only the parts I'm playing...

Q: What was the decisive factor that made you appear (in this film)?

Takeuchi: It's because I like Director Nakamura (Yoshihiro) works. If I were called then certainly, it's that kind of feeling. The director's site is also fun.

Hashimoto: I also like Director Nakamura's films. 'Ahiru to Kamo no Coin Locker' 's atmosphere seems comfortable.

Takeuchi: I'm also the same! I felt "I like this director!" in Ahiru to Kamo. The casual lines at first worked on the second half, i've been had.

Hashimoto: This time, although I went to see the horror films that the director filmed 10 years ago, they were made with a very tricky touch. If you think about it, it seems like Zan'e was directed and aimed at horror like a straight pitch.

Impression of Hashimoto is "A quiet lake"

Q:  For Takeuchi-san, this is your 5th time working with Director Nakamura.  When you said "The site is fun", which part of it was?

Takeuchi: My snack preference matches with the director (laughs).  It seems like we often just talk about food on the site. The two of us like sweet.  Our claims on how to eat them matches or something like that.  But .."In reality,  you're not interested about me at all , right?  " the director said such a thing masochistically.

Hashimoto: Really, the two of them has a good relationship. Next to the director that is checking the monitor, is the starring actress who looks like she's having fun conversing,  it was a fresh sight to me.

Takeuchi: I think that probably, we were talking about foods even there (laughs).

Q: It is the first time for  you two to co-star, right? What was your impression before you met?

Takeuchi: I had the impression that Ai-chan was "A mysterious beauty clothed in blue aura". When I met her in person,  she thinks of interesting things and I really grew interested of her.

Hashimoto: I had also thought that the aura around me was blue (laughs). I was told that I look good in blue clothes.  I also like blue clothes myself.

Takeuchi: Like the image of a "Quiet lake"?

Hashimoto: That representation, I like it!

Q: For Hashimoto-san, what's your image of Takeuchi-san?

Hashimoto: I feel that she can play whatever role it is naturally, a mature woman,  and a balanced person. When I first met her during the costume fitting,  I heard about her favorite food, and strangely I was able to relax.

Takeuchi: Is that so? Just before that, I wonder if the director and I were talking about food again?... If you met me on a site other than Director Nakamura's, your first impression of me might have been different (laughs).

Strange phenomenon in my life is zero.

Q: How did each of you approach your respective roles?

Takeuchi: She's a novelist, a role who doesn't believe in psychic phenomenon. I kept in mind to act like she does not possess the feeling of being scared and calmly listens to her partner's experiences.

Hashimoto: Kubo-san, whom I play, is a little bit unusual type. After hearing a sound from her room, normally one would run away, but this girl sent her favorite author a letter. "Lucky! It's close and happening", her curiously around such extreme was felt and lasted until the second half of the film.

Q: What strange phenomenon has the two of you encountered in actual?

Takeuchi: I guess my inspiration is zero. Even when I experience sleep paralysis, I would convince myself "This is just my head being messed up!",  and then fell asleep (laughs).

Hashimoto: I haven't even experienced sleep paralysis. When I heard a steady sound at the hotel, I thought "Has it finally come?", but it was just a knock on the door.

Takeuchi: And then,, did anyone come? The person over here is scary(laughs) !

Hashimoto: Such phenomenon, I might half believe it and half disbelieve it. Even if it has been scientifically proven, freaking out and being scared just comes together.

For their next work, they would like  to experience love with age gap?

Q: Please tell us your memories of horror films.

Takeuchi: When I was 18 years old, I played a high school girl who died in the closet for the film Ring and watching the completed work, I thought "It had become such a horrible picture!". I was traumatized. Since then, just having the TV placed in a dark room is no good.

Hashimoto: I guess what was dangerous for me was Director Toshiharu Ikeda's Evil Dead Trap. Rather than frightening, the video tricks were interesting. During brutal scenes, integrations of face were used, or the camera would shoot far from the person, or would be taken in a wide field. In this film, I became interested in filming techniques.

Takeuchi: Ah, if that's the case them I might be alright with it too. Because I did not mind Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street. I'm okay with the grotesque depiction of zombies.

Hashimoto: Well then this time, please watch by all means (laughs).

Takeuchi: I guess what is scary with Zan'e is because of such feeling… that you might experience the same thing back in your home.

Hashimoto: Those we cannot see is scary. The substance in the first half is unclear, (one is being) teased by watching closely. The transition between the eras is smooth, once again, I was impressed with Director Nakamura's ability.

Q: For next time, what kind of role would you like to play as costars?

Takeuchi: This time, I want a role where we fight each other as a woman. Doesn't extreme setting sounds fun too?

Hashimoto: I... (Her eyes darted towards the top of Takeuchi's head) Takeuchi-san's father and…

Takeuchi: Wait up! Where are you looking at?!  My father is still alive!

Hashimoto: Sorry, because we're covering Zan'e, so .. (laughs) The story would be Takeuchi-san's father and I are going out, isn't a complex relationship  interesting?

Takeuchi: That idea is amazing. But if he's going out with a cute girl such as Ai-chan, "Dad! Way to go!" I would praise him like that (laughs).

Source: Cinematoday

14 January 2016 @ 04:18 pm

[ Joyuu Bigaku ] Hashimoto Ai, the one-of-a-kind beauty

Actress Hashimoto Ai who successfully piled up her career. This year,she''ll be releasing her new films one after another.

"When my starring films increased, similar scenes or themes came out. A daughter in a rebellious phase, a role that is angry with her mother, i won't do the same thing if I thought "I already did this before"

Once you have done the same thing as before, it won't be interesting for yourself, so I am going to change this within me. It has nothing to do with my surroundings. I would just become bored myself.  I think that doing the exact same things without getting bored is the right path, but I cannot do it because it is boring to me.

If you're watching a movie and think "this person can do the same thing." , my feelings would wither away. Because I feel that I hate it myself, so I won't do it.

Because the upcoming films to be released this year have an entirely different styles, from the realization that my acting capacity widened, "Ah, it exists here  too.", that kind of feeling. It is fresh and very pleasant."

Although she's an actress with that kind of strong will in herself, of course, on the other hand she cherishes her relationship with the directors.

"This time Zan'e~Sundewa Ikenai Heya~ is a fine production, I was demanded of technical things. I think Director Nakamura (Yoshihiro) is one that establishes  fictions as fictions, and lies as lies.

The intonation of the voice and its interval are both valued.  His instructions are concrete and precise such as "extend it by 3-seconds". Because I was able to judge it objectively, It was really easy to act.

Various directors came and I am really glad that I could acquire many experiences from them. This time, I felt that we were facing the same direction. "

She had her striking debut at the film Confessions when she was only 14 years old. It's been 5 years since then. On January 12, 2016, she turned 20 years old, It's likely to become a great year for her.

Source: [x]

07 January 2016 @ 09:15 pm

Hashimoto AI: "It is imagination which creates fear, after all it depends on the mind."

Every month, 3 known guests are to choose a book with strong feelings to introduce. Da Vinci's popular journal series "The story of that person and the book". This time the one who appears is Ai Hashimoto, who plays the role of a college student who lives alone and ends up suffering from the sound that shouldn't be heard within the apartment in the upcoming film Zan'e~Sundewa Ikenai Heya~ (To be released on January 30). It was heard that she was a fan of Nishi Kanako-san's novel Gyoko no Nikiku-chan.

Hashimoto-san always have the paperback edition on her bag. Ever since reading Nishi Kanako-san's novel, Mado no Sakana, she liked it and continued to read.

"Although Mado no Sakana has a very poetic impression, her recent works became more and more tinted with reality, i feel like it became more 'closer' to myself. The narrative of Nishi Kanako-san's novel is always first-person and the words always come directly at me. "What does this mean?", There's no place for one to be caught into that. Her words are straightforward and at the same time easy to read, her words are filled with strength. She is one of my favorite writers."

Gyoko no Nikuko-chan draws rich emotion from the landscape of the fishing port and the people who lives there through the eyes of the 11-years old girl, Kikuko. At the same time, while the triplets ghost that only Kikuko cannot see and the animal sounds that only Kikuko cannot hear joins the mysterious depiction, the delicately swaying heart of Kikuko is carefully reflected.

"I liked the Atlantic Footballfish episode. When a male is only one-tenth of the size of a female, it sticks to its body and eventually merges into it, forming a small wart. I loved Kikuko very much, reading that kind of story made me cry. I also like the story of penguins. A penguin which was on its own inside the aquarium, through what kind of circumstances it arrived there, the interpretation from the girl was also interesting. Kikuko's superimposed feelings followed by the final which was drawn previously is my favorite, I read it many times."

The film Zan'e~Sundewa Ikenai Heya~ will be released on January 30, is a documentary horror novel by Fuyumi Ono which won the Yamamoto Shugoro Prize.

"I was very interested in the original, but I was also scared. In novels, everything is only made up in one's imagination, isn't it? Thus fear is created, It is our own imaginations after all. Even depending on up to what extent it is in your head, you will still become scared. Because everything can be seen in movies, there's no resistance in watching horror."

When she read the script for the film,  Hashimoto-san said "Because everything was writnen, I wasn't scared." But, with the 'sound' played with some sort of objectivity, an inching delusion is evoked to the viewers, the smell of fear arises.

"When it comes to my own performance, because I already know what would happen at what timing, the feeling of being scared is gone. It's simply fulfilling my role on how should I show it, or how frightening should it be. That's why, I would feel very relieved if people who saw it could say, "I was scared.". But, the movie this time isn't just a work that simply scares. Since ghosts are originally human being, if we follow the psychic phenomena, we will arrive at the life of each person involved. When everything also drifts behind the one leading to the emergence of the tragedy, I thought isn't that the charm of this film?"

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